Enjoy winter, making plans for the
greatest beach rugby summer event !!

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Sunny and warm weather, an awesome shore-line, a fantastic, inviting beach plus cold and cheap beverages… what more could any sports fan want?

Maybe… some Rugby!
Beach Rugby is the sum of all those details, mixing into an incredible and powerful ‘cocktail of rugby’ with some partying thrown in to boot, that makes many reasons to look at Figueira Beach Rugby as the best Rugby Tour experience ever!!!

Your Most Memorable Beach Rugby Tour

Great Environment

Beach Rugby is all about Environment, the way people feel the games and the ‘partying’ around the fields. Figueira has the best ambiance in the EBRA series (the official body that rules the Beach Rugby tournaments).​

High Intensive Play

It’s ten minutes of high intensity play, athletes are always looking to run with the ball. Evade the opposition and offload the ball, as if you were a Sonny Bill Williams double.

The Best Balanced Destination

One hour and half from Lisbon, Figueira is a hot tourism spot to go, as the hotels or modern day ‘Air B&Bs’ are well priced. The beach itself is huge with a fantastic shoreline that invites you to take a nice, cool dip.

Prize Money For All

Yes, one of the main goals for any team playing in the tournament is the prize money. There is prizes for the men’s and women’s champions, including the finalists, runners-up and going down as far seventh place, for both divisions respectively.

New Horizons. New Flavors. New Sport.

Meet new people, try a different type of rugby, discover new countries and feel free to entangle yourself in this new world.